“I have been saving for just over a year, & I’ve already saved >$14,000. Sindy helped me set up an RRSP & a TFSA. It’s automatically taken out of my account each week, so that I don’t even have to think about it. I’m able to easily access it & make changes to my contributions as needed. Easy peezy! I’m so relieved that I finally started saving for retirement!”

Dr. K.M. Vancouver, B.C.

“Sindy and Saskia have helped me navigate the daunting world of insurance, investing, and retirement planning. Retirement planning especially is complicated and full of emotion. They explain everything so clearly and are always there to answer my questions and support me, which takes all the fear right out of it. I’ve been working with Sindy for a decade now and refer to her any chance I get and there’s a reason for that!”

Dr.P.P. Vancouver, B.C.

“I have been working with Sindy since graduation from Naturopathic College. With her help saving for my future has been one area of my complicated professional life that I know is taken care of. From day 1, and ongoing, I feel like she has my best interest in mind.”

Dr. E.K. Vancouver, B.C.

“Being self-employed and therefore not having a pension or employee retirement fund, thinking about the future can be somewhat stressful. Investing in the BCNA Group Retirement Plan has provided me with an excellent way to put money aside for retirement. Given that I’m not “investment-savvy”, I very much appreciate the time Sindy spent with me prior to my committing, educating me on the plan and its profile, and that I can communicate with her on a yearly basis to review my plan.”

Dr. K. H. Victoria, B.C.

“I have had a great experience working with Sindy and Saskia. My retirement savings plan was managed by a financial institution and really wasn’t doing much for me. Sindy and Saskia took the time to understand my retirement goals and the risk I was willing to take. After a great conversation they set me up with a group retirement plan with low risk but would still meet my retirement income goals. Thank you for a positive experience and getting me on the right savings plan! “

Dr. T.E. Vancouver, B.C.

“My experience with Sindy has been nothing but positive. Her professional expertise with health professional, and committed nature provides confidence and ease such that I have referred my colleagues to her. I would not hesitate to refer any health care practitioners to her.”

Dr. Shamira Rahim
Clinic Director
evolve Nurturing Vitality

“I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Sindy Billan. She has been so great for my understanding of financial concepts like insurance and investments. Like many others, I had shyed away from money matters because it seemed a daunting task knowing where to even begin. Sindy has taught me to respect my money and my future needs and to be responsible enough today so that I have security now and then. She has set in place life insurance plans, disability, and critical illness – all very important for me as a naturopathic physician. We have also comfortably grown my investments over the last three years. Most importantly, Sindy has kept me up to speed about what goes on in the markets and she is always educating me on when we need to make changes that are in my best interest. I feel so taken care of and I don’t need to worry about my financial security thanks to Sindy. She’s help me put that part of my life into place.”

Dr. Bobby Parmar
Naturopathic Physician

“On behalf of the Boucher ND Community I would like to thank Sindy Billan for the financial education she provides to our Practice Management Program.”

Ian Johnson, Ph.D., Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

“When we started our business, we had contacted and met with several companies to see how they could help us with our business insurance needs. By chance, we met Sindy while attending the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Conference. We then arranged to meet with her to go over life and business insurance options. We could not be happier to have chosen to work with Sindy. She was by far the most approachable, understanding, and dedicated to really listen to us, and provide us with the types of insurance products we needed for our business at the best price. She is great at communicating promptly and genuinely cares about us and our growing business. We look forward to continuing to work with her in planning for the future as our business expands.”

CareMed Integrative Health Centre

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