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  • are you protected with disability insurance

    Are you protected?

    It is no surprise that our health and well being is at the forefront of conversations these days. Covid has brought mental health and the need for disability insurance to top of mind.

    Most often when we think about disability, we think of someone who engages in risky behaviour like heli or back country skiing, driving erratically and [...]
  • retirement plan 900

    5 Factors to Consider When Planning for Retirement

    As a Naturopathic Doctor, you’re used to taking care of other people. You help your patients improve their health so they can enjoy their lives. But, what about yourself? Who will take care of you as you age?

    This past year has shown us all that even the best laid plans can go awry and that we never know for sure what will happen in the [...]
  • Funding Retirement With Government Plans

    Funding retirement with government plans: CPP, OAS, GIS and RDSP

    The financial future for millennials is vastly different from that of previous generations,” said Martin Joyce, partner and national leader of human and social services at KPMG, in a press release. “They face unique challenges when it comes to building wealth despite having more education and income, primarily because of housing [...]
  • Insurance Options

    Financial Health: Insurance Options

     Many people know they should have life insurance but put off getting it because they feel overwhelmed. How much should you get and how do you know which type to buy? A good financial/ insurance advisor’s job is to help you answer those questions. Often people spend more time planning their vacations than they do their financial future despite [...]
  • Retirement Planning Growth

    The Value of Advice

    “I have been saving for just over a year, & I’ve already saved >$14,000. Sindy helped me set up an RRSP & a TFSA. It’s automatically taken out of my account each week, so that I don’t even have to think about it. I’m able to easily access it & make changes to my contributions as needed. Easy peezy! I’m so relieved that I finally started saving [...]
  • student loan by sindy billan

    Student Loans and Saving for your Future

    After graduating and attaining certification as a naturopath, there are plenty of expenses to be thinking about. You’ll have the costs associated with setting up a new practice, the cost of living, and before you know it, it’s time to start paying off your student debt. On top of that, you know you’re supposed to be saving for retirement. So, [...]
  • are you ready for retirement

    Are you ready for Retirement?

    At the beginning of the 20th century few Canadians could expect to live past 55. Retirement was not a cause for worry. Today, the situation is different. Now, a woman who retires at age 55 can expect to live, on average, another 30 years and a man, 26 years. All that retirement time has a price attached to it.

    Retirement has become more [...]
  • Invincible Disease

    Invincibility – a disease by itself?

    Adam is invincible. He is 31, engaged and practices as a chiropractic doctor. Tiffany, his fiancé, is 30 and a well qualified legal assistant for a major law firm in Vancouver. She is also invincible. Both Adam and Tiffany live life to the fullest. They love to travel, cycle in the summer, hike the Grouse Grind on weekends and ski in Whistler [...]
  • Mortgage or RRSP by SB Wealth Solutions

    Mortgage or RRSP?

    Housing is one of the hottest topics of conversation lately.  Housing is not only a necessity of life but also the most single largest investment for majority of Canadians.  Experts from various industries; urban planners, real estate developers, government, economists, mortgage brokers, financial planners  and others have recently reported on [...]
  • Extended Health On Pre-tax income

    Extended Health on Pre-Tax Income

    A colleague once told me that as business owners, from a CRA perspective, we are given the keys to a Ferrari and yet we drive it like a compact car!  A Health Spending account is one of those powerful tools that are only afforded to business owners.  They transform health, dental & vision expenses from an after tax cost to you personally to a [...]
  • Simple Steps To Effective Retirement Savings

    Simple Steps To Effective Retirement Savings

    When talking to prospective patients or engaged in consultations you probably spend a lot of time clarifying what you do. People see NDs because they’ve heard good things about the profession, or have a friend who had good results.
    Regardless of the positive feedback, there’s still some confusion about what role an ND can play in a patient’s [...]
  • hypertension-examination

    Considering Critical Insurance

    The top three critical illnesses affecting Canadians today are cancer, heart attack and stroke. How many of your patients, friends or family members do you know who have been affected by one of these dreaded diseases? Cancer seems to initiate a range of emotional reactions, varying from fear, distress and worry to positivity and triumph. There [...]
  • blood-pressure-1573037_640

    Attending Physician Statement – Your Role As A Physician

    Life and Health insurers often require medical information and attending physician statements (APS) in order to underwrite insurance applications. As an insurance advisor I have received enquiries from ND’s asking about the role and responsibilities as physicians in regard to the APS and also about the process as an individual applying for [...]
  • TFSA or RRSP- all about the tax

    TFSA or RRSP: It’s all about the tax

    Still unsure about the differences between a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)? According to Alfred Roissl, a Toronto-based managing director with Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, it’s all about the tax.

    First, let’s review the main features of this tax-free registered savings [...]
  • team-spirit-inheritance

    Transitioning Wealth to Your Heirs

    As the saying goes, only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. In respect to taxes, there are ways to reduce payments required upon a death in the family. In Canada, the greatest transfer of wealth will occur over the next several decades as the population ages and the estates of the elderly transition to their heirs. The expected [...]
  • Are you treating a patient with a long-term disability

    Are you treating a patient with a long-term disability?

    Patients suffering from a severe and prolonged impairment may qualify for a Government of Canada grant program. The Canada Disability Savings Grant (CDSG) is for eligible disabled person 49 years and under. The purpose of the program is to provide financial support and encouragement to assist with retirement savings for someone suffering with [...]
  • Financial Planning- Saving Money

    Financial Planning: Saving $$

    There are a few money saving strategies that are not commonly discussed. I would like to share two real-life examples that I have recently encountered. One is for business owners and the other is for a family. The first involves insurance protection for a business loan and the second, protecting capital in an estate.

    First example, business [...]
  • purchase a vehicle at car dealership

    Financial Planning Checklist: RRSP vs TFSA

    Planning for retirement starts with the basic principle of setting aside money for the future. The concept is simple, however the practice and practicality of applying it, is not easy. There are numerous statistical data reporting that many Canadians are not contributing to their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), nor are they taking [...]
  • globuli-1574436_640

    Financial Planning: Reducing Risk with Insurance

    In this new world, where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, social media continues to expand. An immediate response to all forms of communication is expected. Managing change is essential to security and prosperity. Effective financial planning, therefore, becomes an integral part of today’s world as it allows us to [...]
  • Financial Planning- Effective Management of your Practice

    Financial Planning: Effective Management of your Practice

    In the early years of a business practice, most of us spend the majority of our time learning to survive. Many naturopathic doctors graduate with extensive student loan debt, must absorb the mandatory costs of setting up a practice, and are often in a position where a line of credit is necessary. I believe it’s essential that individuals in [...]

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