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Tax Credits For Students

Are you familiar with the three basic non-refundable credits that most post-secondary students qualify for?

  • The education credit
  • The textbook credit
  • The tuition credit

All three of the above are non-refundable, meaning they cannot be used to generate a tax refund but can be used to reduce taxes payable perhaps on part-time employment.

The tuition credit is the largest of the three credits and is available for tuition fees paid to a university, college or other post- secondary educational institution in Canada.  Furthermore tuition fees paid for courses certified by Employment and Social Development Canada to develop or improve skills in an occupation also qualify for the tuition tax credit.  If tuition is outside of Canada, the tuition will be eligible for the credit provided the attendance is full time at a university in a course “leading to a degree”.


Source:  Jamie Golombek  Tax Expert


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