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Make the Decision to Change Today

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed by your financial obligations?  Maybe you’ve made some poor financial decisions or haven’t put away enough for retirement and feel you will never be able to retire comfortably.

At a recent Fraser Valley Real Estate Board event, astronaut Chris Hadfield spoke about how he believes people can change their way of thinking and more importantly their habits.

You can change your decision-making today and it will change who you are tomorrow.  And if you don’t make decisions today it will determine who you are tomorrow or a week from now or ten years from now.’  (source:  Business Vancouver Feb 11-17 2014)

You can change your thinking from believing you are ‘not financially savvy’ to someone who is in control of his or her finances.

You can change from being that person who pays full price on clothing or a pair of shoes to the person who buys items on sale.

You can change from someone who believes they cannot save to someone who saves $50.00 a week.

You can change from someone who pays the monthly minimum on your mortgage to someone who invests an extra $200.00 on your mortgage.

You can change from being the person who splurges on a new gadget with that unexpected bonus to someone who invests that money in a mutual fund.

Start today by making the decision to invest in your future.



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