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How To Avoid A Huge Cellphone Bill

Before heading off to sunnier destinations consider doing your homework when it comes to cellphones because if you use your Canadian –carrier mobile phone when travelling you’ll come home to a crushing bill.

photo (3)Upon their return from a trip to Italy last summer the Foster family were horrified to find they had a $1500 bill waiting for them from their cell phone carrier.   Turns out one of their kids had decided to watch a video on the phone.

Has this happened to you?

Here are a few tips on how to avoid a crushing bill:

  • Get a SIM card in the country you’re visiting and a local pay-as-you-go package
  • You can buy a travel pack from your carrier but while it saves switching to a different number you will pay for the convenience.
  • If you’re travelling to the US consider Roam Mobility (link).  You can pay online and at rates comparable to those locals pay.

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