Sindy Billan, the president of SB Wealth Solutions, is an Insurance and Investment Advisor. She is an associate affiliated with Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. and maintains licenses in British Columbia and Alberta for the sale of investments; segregated funds and life and health insurance products. Additionally, she is a member of Advocis, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

At SB Wealth Solutions we focus on the best interests of our health care and small business clients. Just like a change in our body’s systems can affect our overall health, a change in your financial program can affect your entire financial plan. We believe in listening to your questions, hearing your concerns and delivering personalized financial solutions to ensure the best financial health for you and your business. As an affiliate of Customplan Financial Advisors Inc., Sindy Billan has access to a team of advisors whose expertise, experience and specialities complement the services she offers. As a member of FLCI (Financial Literacy Council Inc.)SB Wealth Solutions promote financial literacy to health care professionals to help them address the unique business challenges their practices face. ACT, the Advanced Consultancy Team, is an exclusive resource for providing strategic comprehensive solutions for an individual or business owner. In the back office administrative and compliance team members provide the necessary resources and support to deliver efficiency. Our strategic alliance partners and product suppliers must meet our stringent standards for financial strength, professional management, historical performance, product design and customer service.

At SB Wealth Solutions, we are committed to the following values:

  • To hold paramount the needs of our clients above all else and at all times.
  • To value and build long-term relationships founded upon honesty, dedication and integrity.
  • To earn the trust and respect of our clients by creating the optimal environment, which promotes confidence and comfort in all aspects of our relationship and business dealings.
  • To provide professional advice ensuring that our client concerns are addressed and problems resolved.
  • To provide service in a courteous and timely fashion.